Advantages of sending a limo to the airport to pick up clients

jandbpassengerservice-04If you run a business or you are part of higher management levels in a company, you often find yourself in a situation where you have to organize a visit from the clients. This seems like an easy task, but if you ever had clients over at your company or if you ever had to entertain them during their visits to your city, you know exactly how delicate it can be. Everything needs to be organized perfectly, from the moment they arrive until their departure. If even a slightest detail goes wrong, everything starts falling behind the schedule and you end up leaving a less than positive impression on your clients. And if you are really serious about your work, you certainly don’t want that to happen. You want to be on the top of your game at all times, with maximum professionalism and class. Another thing you want to do is to impress your clients. They need to see that you are very serious, dedicated to the job you are doing with them, that you are a true professional.

So you have organized meetings and appointments, arranged lunch breaks, dinners and maybe some entertainment if time permits. You want your clients to see that you respect their time and their effort and you also want to make them feel good during their visit. You don’t simply want to wait for them at your office or another place of meeting. You want to take care of them from the moment their plane touches the ground. That is why you will send a limo to pick them up at the airport.

Air travel can often be cumbersome, especially if flying economy. Between the fatigue on the plane and long lines at the baggage claim section (not to mention customs, if your client is an international one), your client will become tired and annoyed. Then, if there is no one waiting outside the arrivals with their name on a sign, they will get even more annoyed because they have to arrange their own transportation. That way, when the time comes for you to do business, their overall attitude towards you and your company might possibly suffer. Not to mention you will not make a very good impression.

jandbpassengerservice-03On the other hand, if you send the company limo or book a limo through a limo service company and have it wait outside the arrivals section at the airport, your client will know for sure you are very serious about your business. Airport is the first point of contact for your client and it is essential you make the first impression a very positive one. Those few moments between airport and hotel (or your office) will help your client unwind in a comfortable, luxurious environment, allow them to gather their thoughts before meetings and maybe even relax for a few minutes. Have no doubt that this is something your client will appreciate greatly. And if your client is happy, you can be sure the deal you are closing will be that much better.

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